Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Black Swan

A MUST See Psychological Thriller

In Black Swan, Natalie Portman plays an obsessive young ballerina that draws you in as you watch her madness unfold right before your eyes. Portman’s character, Nina, suffers from delusions and hallucinations. She is obsessive and also has habits characteristic of patients with eating disorders. This film gives you an “inside” look in to what it’s like to experience psychosis. In the film you often cannot tell the difference between what is reality and what is not. This is often the case for patients suffering from psychosis. The film moves you to understand the frustrations psychosis could bring and just how difficult it could be to lead a functional life during a psychotic event. The movie brings two or three different illnesses together: eating disorders, OCD, and psychosis. Dr. Steve Lamberti (Assoc. Prof. of Psychiatry, University of Rochester) “believes that it is unlikely that the characters eating disorder, OCD, and psychosis would go hand in hand: People in psychosis are not in touch with reality. With eating disorders and OCD, they are too in touch with reality.”
I don’t want to say more as not to spoil the end the movie but I would highly recommend seeing this film.
To watch a trailer of the film click here

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  1. Well said, Anna! I saw the movie this week and was astonished I thought several times "no wonder my brother feels hurt, scared, ashamed". Naturally, I wanted to know what happened after. You know, treatment, etc. but I suppose it is cinema. :) Well worth seeing but also worth a nice deep breath before hand.